CAL Benefit Unit Trust

The CAL Benefit Unit Trust is an open-ended fixed income Unit Trust that seeks to provide additional income and preserve wealth for individuals and institutions by investing in high-quality fixed income instruments aimed at meeting medium to long terms goals.

Investment Strategy of the CAL Benefit Unit Trust

The Unit Trust shall seek to achieve its objectives through investments in a diversified portfolio of fixed income securities such as Government and Quasi-Government securities and corporate bonds.

Investment Policy of the CAL Benefit Unit Trust

The CAL Benefit Unit Trust shall invest in bonds, treasury bills, certificates of deposits and other suitable fixed income securities. The Unit Trust’s return benchmark is the 364-Day Government of Ghana Treasury Bill.

  • Minimum Initial Investment
    The minimum initial investment per investor shall be GHS100 and subsequently, GHS100 or more.  Unitholders are required to maintain a minimum balance of GHS100 to keep the account running.

    Are there any subscription charges?

    The CAL Benefit Unit Trust imposes no initial charge upon subscription of units.
  • Objectives & Features
  • Benefits & Advantages
  • Fees & Charges / Redemption Period
  • How to Sign up & Who Should Invest