Endowment Trust Funds

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An Endowment Trust Fund is an investment portfolio with the initial capital deriving from donations. Endowment Trust Funds are established to fund charitable and non – profit institutions such as churches, hospitals, and universities. Many Endowment Trust Funds have their principals reserved and not available for the daily use of the organizations. Endowment Trust Funds can be classified as;
Term Endowment
A term endowment is a type of fund that can only be used after a certain time or the occurrence of a certain event.

Restricted Endowment
Capital in a restricted endowment can only be used for certain purposes determined by the donor.

Unrestricted Endowment
The donor of an unrestricted endowment does not limit the purpose of the usage of the fund.


A quasi-endowment is also known as a "board designated" endowment fund. It works as a typical endowment does, except the use of funds can be determined by the governing board of the organization that the fund serves, instead of the donors.

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