Corporate Investment Solutions

Pension Fund

A Pension Fund is a mandatory occupational scheme to be run by approved Trustees licensed by the National Pensions Regulatory Authority (NPRA) but managed by private fund managers.

Staff Savings Scheme

Like Provident Funds, CAMCOL also manages savings schemes on behalf of clients. These schemes are usually one sided contributions by employees who come together to start a fund for their future welfare.

Project Fund Management

Cal Asset Management Limited also administers investment services to companies that seek to set funds aside for future projects. These companies may place funds in short to medium term ...

End Of Service Benefits

ESBs are usually funds put in place by employers to reward long-serving employees of their companies who are retiring or leaving the service of the company.

Endowment Trust Funds

A trust fund is generally established by the grantor, the beneficiary and the trustee. The recipient of a trust fund must typically wait until a certain age, or until a specified event occurs, to receive a yearly income from the fund.

Provident Fund

PFs are voluntary fully funded, defined contribution Scheme in which funds are managed privately and benefits paid as lump sum to the employee or his dependents in case of death.

Staff Welfare Schemes

Staff Welfare Scheme refers to arrangement made by employers that allows employees to contribute towards their common needs such of marriage, childbirth and bereavement etc.

Institutional Investment Funds

Institutional investment funds are investment vehicles created by companies to allow them invest part of their profits or funds that are not demarcated for any specific goal.